2022 News Items

09 December 2022 - Update of Retirees Email List

The Retirees Email Addresses listing has been updated with the latest information.

30 November 2022 – ESO 60th anniversary celebration on 9 December 2022

The following email below was sent by Nathalie Kastelyn (ESO/HR) to the ESO pensioners on 29 November.

Dear colleagues,

There will be an ESO 60th anniversary staff celebration on 9 December 2022 at the Garching HQ. The celebration will take place from approximately 16:00–18:00, following the all-hands meeting on that day.

We would like to invite retirees to this celebration, at which we will share a toast, followed by snacks and finger food. Please note that the event is being planned only for current staff and retirees, and that therefore we are unable to extend the invitation to spouses, partners, or other guests.

To help us better plan the catering, please could you indicate whether you plan to attend by the end of Wednesday 30 November 2022 on the registration form. Your response (whether yes or no) is not binding, but please give us your best estimate of whether you will come. We hope that you will be able to join us.

Best wishes,

29 November 2022 – GAC-EPA Bulletin 63

The latest bulletin of the GAC-EPA,  Bulletin 63, is now available.

29 November 2022 -  CERN Pension Fund Meeting 

The video recordings and the viewgraphs of the CERN Pension Fund Annual Information Meeting on 23 November 2022  (see previous News item)  are now available on the Documents and Presentations page (restricted access).

10 November 2022 - Opportunity in Garching for individual meetings with CERN PF Benefits Service members

The CERN Pension Fund Annual Information Meeting will take place on 23 November 2022 at 15:00 CET / 11:00 CLST

Fiona Brazil, Head of Human Resources, will introduce the meeting, after which the Chair of the Pension Fund Governing Board, Ossi Malmberg, and the Pension Fund CEO, Doug Heron, will provide an update of the Fund. They will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Two members of the CERN Pension Fund Benefits Service, Emilie Clerc and Pilar Herguedas Muñoz will be available as well to answer your questions. Staff members, fellows and retirees in Garching who would like to discuss any individual cases are invited to arrange a one-to-one meeting with Emilie or Pilar by contacting Nathalie Kastelyn in Human Resources for an appointment. Appointments (15-minutes slots) are available between 9:30 and 12:30.

The meeting will take place in the HQ Eridanus Auditorium with video links to the following meeting rooms:

  • Vitacura: Urania
  • Paranal: Residencia — Conference Room
  • La Silla: Lounge
  • Online: Please check the Documents and Presentations page for joining the meeting online.


04 November 2022 - ISA Newletter - Issue November 2022

The next issue of the ISA Newsletter (November 2022) is now available. In this issue you will find an outline of the two main strategic objectives of the ISC to be fulfilled by September 2023.

Also note that the ISC plans a special ISA assembly on Wednesday 16 November, 14:00 CET. This will be a hybrid event. Members are very welcome to attend in person at Eridanus or to join online with the link provided on the Documents and Presentations page (restricted access).

15 October 2022 - ESO's 60th Anniversary

This message from HR below was sent to the ESO pensioners on 14 October - a few days after the ESO GAC-EPA representative contacted the DG who had congratulated the active staff on the anniversary date itself by email.

Dear colleagues

Some of you might already have received the information by other means.

From small beginnings in the 1960s ESO has grown impressively and has now turned 60 years old.

In this update we would like to share with you the link to the DG’s message on the ESO website regarding ESO’s 60thanniversary, in which he recognizes, with grateful thanks,  the contribution of everyone past and present to the Organization today: https://www.eso.org/public/events/special-evt/60years/

It goes almost without saying that all colleagues who have retired from ESO in their particular role, whether that is as scientist, engineer, technician or administrator can be fully proud of what has been delivered over this time as the DG comments. 

In this web announcement it is also highlighted why the anniversary has been more low key and some aspects necessarily postponed due to the on-going difficult and distressing case of the disappearance of a visiting scientist to La Silla, Professor Tom Marsh, from Warwick University in the UK, on 16 September.  We are continuing to help and support the local authorities with the search which is on-going. This has included all modern mechanisms such as the use of drones, planes and cameras, as well as the traditional foot search and with dogs.  A number of staff have been working hard on the interface with the police and Prosecutors office, national government officials, University and the family. We remain hopeful that Professor Marsh will be found.

Best wishes,
Fiona Brazil

15 October 2022 - Annual Meeting of the CERN Pension Fund at ESO

The CERN Pension Fund Annual Information Meeting will take place at ESO on 23 November 2022 at 15:00 CET / 11:00 CLST. More details will follow soon. 

16 September 2022 - Update of Retirees Address List

The Retirees Email Addresses listing has been updated with the latest information.

23 June 2022 - Draft Version of the ISA Statutes up for vote. 

As already announced and anticipated in several GAC-EPA bulletins, the ESO International Staff Association (ISA) has iterated on its new statutes - a matter which has been long overdue. On the initiative of Martin Cullum, several years ago, this included an attempt to finally take the representation of the growing group of pensioners into account within these statutes, similar to what has been done many years ago at CERN. This has led to several exchanges and meetings o.a. between the ISA and your GAC-EPA representative, in search of adequate and acceptable definitions and formulations.

The ISA has now put the final draft of their new statutes up for vote. To be accepted, a 2/3 majority of the current 486 ISA members is required, and the voting deadline is set at 30 June.

Unfortunately we cannot really support ISA's definition of "Retired Members" and their representation as formulated in these statutes (see mainly Article 5). The ISA agreed to inform the Staff of our position, pointing them to a short document that you can also find here.

A more comprehensive explanation of our position and why we are convinced there are still open issues and even mistakes in these statutes were expressed in the latest GAC-EPA bulletin - see section 3.3 in Bulletin #62.

We invite all ESO pensioners to have a look to these various documents, and count on your continued support, also in this matter. Comments remain of course welcome.

Kind regards,
Erik Allaert
ESO's GAC-EPA representative

PS: in case you need the credentials to access the protected pages on the ESO pensioners' website, please don't hesitate to contact me.

19 July 2022 - Update of Retirees Address List

The Retirees Email Addresses listing has been updated with the latest information.

21 June 2022 - Viewgraphs for the ESO General Assembly June 2022

The viewgraphs of the latest ESO General Assembly on 10 June 2022 have been added to the Documentation page.

26 March 2022 - Message from the GAC-EPA Webmaster

Once again COVID prevented us from organising an in-person event for the Annual General Meeting (AGM). You are therefore invited to read the on-line documents about the 2022 AGM here: https://gac-epa.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/AGM2022.pdf

11 March 2022: Emeriti and retirees will be allowed to come back to the premises.

As part of the restored Covid-19 Phase 4 measures, emeriti and retirees will be allowed to come back to the ESO premises as of 4 April 2022.
As it is expected that the safety measures in Germany and Bavaria will change prior to the end of their current deadline (19 March 2022), an internal review of the safety guidelines applicable to ESO HQ will be conducted in March leading to possible updates. Any relevant changes will be communicated before the start of Phase 4 on 4 April 2022.

11 March 2022 - Changes in Health Insurance benefits as of 1.1. 2022

As 1 January 2022 new reimbursement rates and ceilings apply for the following health insurance benifits: dental care and orthodontic treatment. For further details please refer to the Cigna document.