ESO Health Care Policy

At the instigation of the Health Working Group, ESO has prepared, for the first time, a Health Care Policy.

Although the ESO Staff Rules & Regulations state that ‘beneficiaries of the CERN Pension Fund may remain insured under the terms of the Health Insurance Agreement concluded by the Organisation for its members of personnel’, the contents of this agreement were never made available, either to pensioners or to active staff.

One of the original motivations behind the policy was therefore to make this hidden information available to beneficiaries. Although the Health Care Policy does not include all the missing and relevant information as we originally proposed, (for example for example the percentages of the healthcare premiums paid by staff or pensioners, and the Organisation), ESO has nevertheless recognised the need for greater transparency.
Roland Block has therefore promised to split the current Vanbreda Agreement into two parts, one purely contractual that will remain confidential, and the second containing information on premiums etc. that will be made available to beneficiaries. When available, the non-confidential part of the Vanbreda agreement will be made available on this website. 

The document describing the ESO Health Care Policy can be found in the page Documents and Presentations.