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Using the form below you can request to be included in  ESO pensioners' mailing list and to share your address with my fellow ESO pensioners, as well as for receiving "standard" ESO correspondence for pensioners. For the latter some personal data is required.

Following the GDPR rules, we keep all private data safely and separated from ESO’s records (and vice versa). We need to request and obtain your permission to store it in our own database, with the commitment to use it only for the mentioned purposes. You can at any time request a correction or removal of these data, by sending an e-mail to

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Request to receive "standard" ESO correspondence for pensioners (e.g. an invitation to ESO's year-end party). To receive this correspondence requires your postal address. 

Note that as of 2023 the ESO Messenger is avaiable in digital format only. Please check the ESO Messenger web site, to retrieve the latest copy.

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