2018 News Items

26 October 2018

Next week on Tuesday there will be a meeting of the ESO Health Working Group where Sandro D'Odorico represents the pensioners. This is in preparation of the Fall meeting of ESO with Cigna, to discuss pending and new issue with our health insurance provider.

If you have a serious problem in this area and you think it is of general interest, please send a message to Sandro D'Odorico (sdodoric@[at]eso.org) by Tuesday morning, 30 October, and he will raise it at the meeting. If desired the topics can be raised without your name being mentioned.

22 October 2018

The CERN Pension Fund Annual Infomration Meeting will take place on 25 October 2018 at 15:00 CEST / 10:00 CLST in the new Auditorium (Eridanus).

Claudia Burger, Director of Administration, will introduce the meeting, after which the Chair of the Pension Fund Governing Board, Thomas Roth, and the Pension Fund CEO, Matthew Eyton-Jones, will speak. More details can be found in the ESO Internal Annoucement.

18 September 2018

The page with Social Events, including pictures and other sensitive information is password protected. Please contact Rein for the details to access the page.

13 September 2018

Rein Warmels, who has recently joined the ranks of ESO Pensioners, has agreed to take over as webmaster for the Pensioners' website from Klaus Banse. Klaus has been looking after the site since its inception nearly 5 years ago and I would like to thank him for his great efforts. 

In this latest update of the site, we have added a few new documents, including the new ESO policy on Personal Data Protection. CERN has produced a similar policy document. As the information we keep on ESO pensioners for communications purposes are kept on ESO and CERN servers, we assume that these policies are applicable to our websites as well as to information that ESO keeps on retired staff. One change that we have introduced is to put the photos of social events, except for the group photo on the home page, in the password protected area. Nevertheless, if anyone objects to having their photo on the website, please let me know. 

For those interested, we have included the latest All Hands presentation by the DG from June, and another video from the series ESO seminar Astronomy for non-Astronomers. Although these talks are given regularly at ESO, as you know from the mails sent around by Gero Rupprecht, only a few of these are actually recorded.  

Once again, any feedback on the website would be gratefully received.

May, 2018

In this latest website update, we have added some new articles, presentations and documents as well as included some more recent photos of our get-togethers in August last year and January this year. In addition, regular 6-monthly news reports are to be found in the GAC-EPA-EPA-Bulletin.