Pensioners' Day 2023

26 June 2023 - Pensioners' Day - Presentations

On 14th June 2023 the first dedicated ‘’Pensioners’ Day’’ (open to all ESO’s retirees drawing their pension) was held in the Eridanus Auditorium, with the participation of around 40 former colleagues both in person and remotely from Chile, the DG, Directors of Administration, Engineering and Science and staff from HR. The day started with a nice buffet lunch in the Eridanus Foyer and continued with presentations by the DG, Roberto Tamai, Mariya Lyubenova, Andreas Glindemann, and Erik Allaert. 

The day gave everyone the chance to reconnect with one another, and with friends and colleagues still working at ESO, after the restrictions of the last couple of years. There was helpful feedback and questions on the day – attendees thought it was great to be able to get up to date information about progress on the ELT and in our science, as well as generally, and to hear from GAC-EPA and the ISC. All agreed that the event should become a regular occurrence at ESO to reinforce connections, provide information, as well as celebrate the contributions of former staff. 

Angelos Tsaousis from Communications took the group photos at the coffee break to remember the event. You can see one of them below.

The presentations given by the DG, Roberto Tamai, Mariya Lyubenova, Andreas Glindemann, and Erik Allaert at the Pensioners' Day on 14 June 2023 are available. 

  • Xavier Bacons - ESO DG: ESO in 2023 and beyond [ PPTX | PDF ]
  • Roberto Tamai - ELT Programme Manager: ELT Programme Status [ PDF ]
  • Maiya Lyubenova - Head Media Relations: ESO's Scientific Highlights: 25 years of VLT and the future with ELT [ PPTX | PDF ]
  • Andreas Glindermann - ESO Staff Committee ISCE: International Staff Association [ PPTX | PDF ]
  • Erik Allaert - GAC-EPA: GAC- EPA: History, Purpose, Statutes [ PPTX | PDF ]