GAC-EPA Membership Fee - Standing Order Form

The annual fee for the GAC-EPA membership costs 30 CHF and need to be paid by standing order (excluding any other mode of payment) with execution date of 7 January of each year, to the UBS account of the GAC-EPA, IBAN CH47 0027 9279 C710 9245 0 - SWIFT UBSWCHZH12B

In case you have an AMFIE bank account you may consider using the Standing Order form of this bank. Please fill the AMFIE Standing Order form below that already contains the GAC-EPA bank transfer details. Complete the form with your name, bank account no. and signature, and send it to AMFIE via surface mail, FAX, or Email. These AMFIE contact details can be found at the top of the form.
AMFIE Standing Order Form GAC-EPA
AMFIE Standing Order form for GAC-EPA Membership Fee